How to send fake live location on WhatsApp for Android/iOS

How to send fake live location on WhatsApp for Android/ios
How to send fake live location on WhatsApp for Android/ios

Hello readers! It’s obvious that you landed here looking for how to send fake live location on Whatsapp for Android or iOS.

The article is gonna be interesting as it will guide you the way to prank on friends, families, love ones etc. by sending fake location to them. Also, you will know how to detect fake location on Whatsapp if someone sent you. This little trick would be great fun, isn’t it?

You may sometimes face situations when you can’t send the current location. And there are a lot of instances when you are in situations to pretend to be somewhere else.

Some of the common scenarios mentioned below when you need to send fake live location:-

  • To do a prank on friends, families for fun.
  • Surprising families, loved ones by an unexpected visit to them.
  • When you are outside and don’t wanna send an actual location to your parents/wife ( eg. when you are outside for party, fun)

How to send fake live location on Whatsapp Android?

We can send fake location using two methods, either directly through Whatsapp itself or by third-party apps. The only difference is that no one would be able to detect that you have sent a fake location when using third party app.

1. Direct through Whatsapp(without any app)

The first method is done using Whatsapp itself. But only static location can be sent, realtime live location couldn’t be sent by this method. But it is detectable as few people know this simple trick. However, you can try using simple steps given below.
Step 1: Turn on GPS location from settings.

Step 2: Launch Whatsapp and open chat to whom you want to send.

Step 3: Click on the attachment icon ?  (paper clip icon) > Tap on Location.
How to send fake live location on WhatsApp for Android/iOS

Step 4: Now Click on square [ ] icon at the top left of the screen. You will see the red mark pointer which indicates the location.

Step 5: Drag that mark Google Maps to your desired location on the map.

Step 6: Click on ‘Send this location’ present at the bottom. That’s all, you are done.

How to send fake live location on WhatsApp for Android/iOS

2. Using ‘Fake GPS Location’ app

This is the best app for location masking as it is only 1.3 Mb in size and easy to use. The coolest about this app is that no one will be able to catch your trick because location sent using this seems genuine like original.
How to send fake live location on whatsapp for android using app
Step 1: Download Fake GPS Location from Google play store.

Step 2: Go to Settings > About phone > Click on ‘build number’ 7 times.
Now you are a developer( Now you have unlocked hidden settings of your phone)

Step 3: Skip Step 3 if already a developer. Now you will see a new menu ‘Developer options’ in Settings.
Tap on Developer option and under debugging section find ‘select mock location app’.

Step 4: Tap ‘select mock location map’ and then choose ‘Fake GPS’ from several options.

How to send fake live location on whatsapp for android using app
Step 5: Turn on the GPS from settings and open the app.

Step 6: Place the red location mark to your desired place and hit the play button at the bottom right.
How to send fake live location on whatsapp for android using app
Fake location GPS app
Step 7: After that app will be closed automatically and you will get the notification that fake GPS is on.
How to send fake live location on whatsapp for android using app
Notification indicating that fake location is on

Step 8: Now the rest only you have to send someone live location on Whatsapp. 

 If you don’t know how to do it, visit
Now the person whom you will send location will see your live fake location where you have marked in the Fake GPS location app.
You can stop your fake location at any time by clicking on the pause button in Fake GPS location app.

How to send fake live location on Whatsapp iOS?

 If you want to send static location, then you can follow the same steps as mentioned above( under Direct through WhatsApp)
But if you want to send fake live location or realtime location
then follow the below steps:-
Step 1: First of all you need to have Cydia and Jailbreak installed in your iOS device for this method.

Step 2: Launch Cydia on your iOS device > Search Location faker.

Step 3: You will find two different versions of the app, choose as per your iOs version accordingly.

Step 4: Install it by following simple instructions given on-screen, then an icon of Location Faker app will be created at your home screen.

Step 5: Open Location faker from the home screen, your current location will be shown on the map, change it to your desired place.

Step 6: Hit the button present at the bottom left corner of the screen. And that’s all you are done.

Now just send someone location through WhatsApp, they will be shown your fake location.


How to detect fake location on Whatsapp?

Now you have already learned to send fake location, but now the question arises how to detect fake location someone sent you.

For static location:- If the location sent to you is fake, there will be address written in the caption along with the map.
But there’s no address information written in the original location.
how to detect fake location on whatsapp
1. Original location
2. Fake location
As you can see the address written in second one which indicates it’s fake.
For Live location: Live realtime location sent by location spoof app couldn’t be spotted.
The only thing you can do is noticing the movement of the location of the sender. If the sender has sent live location, it should obviously move. But if it’s not changing location and moving, probably it’s fake.
I hope this article was helpful and informative for you. If you still have doubts, comment below. 
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