How to Schedule Messages on Whatsapp in Android & iPhone (2020)

schedule messages on whatsapp

Hello guys, In the previous article we have talked about how to send auto-reply but this article will be how to send schedule messages on Whatsapp 

You should not be confused between auto-reply and schedule message on Whatsapp. Auto reply in Whatsapp means to send an automated message by your phone in response to any message. When someone will text you, your phone will text back like a robot. But on the other hand schedule message on Whatsapp means automatically sending a text to a person at a particular date and time.

The similarity is that in both cases, messages are sent automatically but the difference is that auto reply is sent in response to a text whereas schedule message is a delay in sending a message to someone.

Scheduling a message means to delay in sending a text message to someone at a particular date and time.

Why Schedule message on Whatsapp?

Scheduling message will be very helpful if you are a person who always forgot to wish someone on birthday and anniversaries. If you want to write a heartful thanks, wishes at a later date, then you need a scheduler app.

  • You can send birthday wishes at midnight without waking up. You don’t have to wake up till 12′ 0 clock to greet birthday message.
  • You will never forget to send a birthday or anniversaries wishes. You can save it very much earlier and schedule it for later. This way you could be a good friend or husband/wife.
  • Small business owner can use this to text prewritten messages to customers or clients. This way you could be a better businessman. 
  • You can even set meeting reminder or appointments reminder to group or individual.
  • You can prank to friends showing them automatic sending of messages to them. Tell them that my message can go to you automatically without touching the phone.

How to schedule messages on Whatsapp in Android

There isn’t any such feature officially declared on Whatsapp. Therefore you need to be dependent on third party apps which can easily schedule whatsapp messages on android phones.

SKEDit is the most popular app used for scheduling Whatsapp messages on android. It is the most trusted scheduler app and has a user-friendly interface. So in this method, we will be using SKEDitapp. This app will save your time, release the stress of sending the message, set reminders, schedule date &time, make your work organised.

Now just follow simple steps with pictures given below:-

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Step 1: Install SKEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp SMS Calls from play store. Or click to download

Step 2: Launch the app, tick the terms of use and privacy policy conditions > then click on skip. No need to sign in or create account, you can use SKEDit without a account.

schedule messages on Whatsapp in Android

Step 3: Now choose WhatsApp from three options. And then click done.

schedule messages on Whatsapp in Android

Step 4: Now you will be directed to home, Click on Whatsapp and then you will be prompted to say enable accessibility. Click on “Enable Accessibility”.

Step 5: You will be directed to settings > Turn on the SKEDit accessiblity.

schedule messages on Whatsapp in Android

Step 6: Now return back to SKEDit app, Now you have do the main job right here.

Click on To to whom you want to send. You can select multiple contacts.

Then type the message you want to send. You can also attack media.

Now select date & time and set if want to repeat.

schedule messages on Whatsapp in Android

Keep off “ask me before sending” for full automation.


1. The main demerit of this app is that you have to remove lock security of your phone for full automation. In this phone will send schedule WhatsApp message automatically.

You need to set screen lock to “none” or “swipe”.

2. But in case you don’t want to remove screen lock, then you need to click on “ask me before sending”. After this scheduled message will be semi-automatic. Schedule message will pop on your notification, just you have to tap on it and the rest will be done by the app itself.

3. Battery optimization should be turned off and also remove battery optimization for SKEDit.

How to Schedule messages on Whatsapp in iPhone

Schedule  messages on Whatsapp in iPhone

Sending schedule messages on Whatsapp in iPhone is much easier as compared to android. You don’t need any third-party apps, you can simply do the job by using iPhone inbuilt function, that is using ‘Siri Shortcuts’.

Here are the steps which you need to follow to schedule message on Whatsapp in iphone:-

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iOS device > Install the Shortcuts app > Open it
Click on the Automation tab present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: After that tap on the ‘+’ sign present at the right top corner > Hit on “Create Personal Automation“.
A new screen will interface will open, Now you have to enter the time of delay to schedule your automation > then tap on next

Step 3:  Hit on ‘Add Action‘ and within the search bar type ‘Text’ and choose Text from the list that appears.

Step 5: Now, enter your message within the text field, this is the message you want to be scheduled(eg. happy anniversary)
Next step is, Click on the ‘+’ icon below the text field and within the search bar, select WhatsApp

Step 6: Choose ‘Send Message via WhatsApp‘ from the list that shows up > choose the recipient > Click Next > Lastly hit Done
Now, a notification will appear at the scheduled time and you need to click on the notification to send the message.

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I hope you enjoyed reading article✌, and have learnt to schedule message on Whatsapp.

We will keep bringing such articles related to Whatsapp tricks. If you liked the article, share among your friends.

And if there’s any doubt in the steps, please comment below. ?

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