How To Make Payments Through WhatsApp | Send & Receive Money using WhatsApp Pay

how to make payments through whatsapp

Facebook-owned Whatsapp has rolled out Whatsapp payment in India last year. Whatsapp in partnership with NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India) got approval to work using UPI that supports over 169 banks in India.

But many people are still unaware about Whatsapp payment, those who don’t know how to send money on Whatsapp payment, this quick article is dedicated to you.

People in India can send money only using UPI on Whatsapp Payments. This means for all the transaction you will make. you need to enter the pin that you will create. UPI is a very safe and secure payment gateway until and unless you are not sharing your pin to anyone.

Steps to make payments through WhatsApp using UPI

Step 1: Firstly, update your Whatsapp app to the latest version from playstore/appstore.


Download Whatsapp Payment update version from here.

Step 2: Open Whatsapp. Before doing payment, obviously you need to link your bank account to Whatsapp Payment.

Step 3: Tap on three dots present at top right > Payments > Tap on ‘Add payment method‘ .

how to make payments through whatsapp

Step 4: There you could see the list of banks. Search and Select the bank in which you have account and money as well.

Make sure you have the simcard inserted in your phone through which your bank account is registered

Step 5: Now you need to verify your phone number. For that click on ‘VERIFY VIA SMS’.

You will receive an OTP and you will be promted to final select the bank to add or Send a payment.

Whatsapp is using the BHIM platform to transfer money. So you need to create a BHIM UPI ID of a bank. To do so, just verify your number by entering OTP. After that, you need to create a 6 or 4 digit pin if you are creating for the first time. Existing BHIM users need to remember their created pin.

Step 6: Tap on Send a payment and select any contact to whom you want to send money.

If the receiver has added bank account in Whatsapp Payment, then only they can receive the payment.

If the receiver hasn’t added bank account you can invite them.

Not only your contacts, but even you can also send money to any UPI ID. Enter the recipient’s UPI ID and verify and after that proceed for payment.

how to make payments through whatsapp

Step 7: Enter the amount and hit next. Then confirm the details (sender UPI ID and amount) and thereafter tap on send payment.

This all you have to do and you have successfully sent the money to the recepient.

how to make payments through whatsapp

Step 8: Now if you want to check and confirm the payment details, you can simply do by going into payment history. Click on the transaction and there you will get all information like transaction amount and transaction ID.

how to make payments through whatsapp

Or alternatively you can also send money by directly going into the chat box of the person.

Go into the chat box of a person whom you want to send money > Tap on attchment icon > Tap on Payments.

how to make payments through whatsapp

Point to be Noted

1. Recipient must have a bank account linked on Whatsapp payment to receive the money.

2. Simcard must be inserted in the phone through which your bank account is registered. Your bank will be automatically unlinked from Whatsapp if you take out the sim from your phone.

3. Beware of scammers. No one from Whatsapp will call or message you regarding your transaction. Whatsapp payment has no customer service centre.

How do I send a payment link on WhatsApp?

If you want someone to pay you, you can request the money by sending your payment link. The payment link is shared in the chat inbox, so whoever will click on the link will be redirected to the payment page.

Either you can share your QR code or your payment link, in both ways the person paying you will get redirected to payment page.

Alert: Scammers can send you such links. So don’t click on such links or scan QR code to avoid fraud. Check all the details and get confirmed before sending money to anyone.

How do I send a payment link on WhatsApp?

You can see in the above image, QR code and link above is also mentioned. So simply copy the link from there and sent it to anyone. Or there is also another way, simply click on the share button at the top and sent it to your contact.


1. Can we add more than one bank?

Yes you can add multiple bank account but don’t forget to select the primary account in which all your received money will get credited.

2. Can we scan and to QR code to other UPI platforms?

-Yes, we can send money to any QR code which is linked with UPI.

or you can even send money by entering the UPI ID of eiher phonepe UPI ID or paytm UPI.

3.Can we send money to a friend who lives in foreign country?

No we can’t. Currently, Whatsapp Payment is only introduced only two countries, India and brazil. And Brazil has recently stopped the payment service by Facebook on Whatsapp. So, we can only send money to only Indians numbers.

4. Can we send money to the bank account of a person who don’t have UPI ID?

-No, we can’t send money directly into the bank account like other Phonepe, Paytm, Google pay. UPI ID id must for sending money via Whatsapp.

5. How do I invite someone to WhatsApp payment?

Go to payments and tap on New payment > Select the contact to whom you want to invite. If the person has linked his bank account, you will get the option to invite.

7. Is WhatsApp payment safe?

Yes Whatsapp is safe and secure to use. But you need to be alert and catious from fraudsters. They can send their link and will try to offer you for some fake scheme. So your safety is in your hand, your money is safe until and unless you are not paying to unknown.

8. My payment got failed, what should I do?

If your payment is failed or under process due to technical issue, you need to wait. If your payment is still in process, contact Whatsapp team.

You can do so by simply going in the Payment history. Tap on the the failed transaction and click on help. There you try to get your problem fixed.

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