Whatsapp Web Dark Mode: Enable Now In 1 Minute

Whatsapp Web Dark Mode


Good news! Whatsapp has officially launched Whatsapp web dark mode.

Now you don’t have to use a chrome extension to do the job. Now, Whatsapp web comes with a new feature which provides users to select Whatsapp web dark mode. So now no alternative methods, just simply do a few steps.

In the last post, you may have seen how to enable dark mode on Whatapp, but here we are talking about WhatsApp web.

Whatsapp web is generally used in laptop or desktop which has a bigger screen. And a bigger screen more white/blue light which in turns means more harmful for our eyes. Therefore, you must enable the Whatsapp web dark mode at night.

How to enable Whatsapp web dark mode [Updated]

Follow the below steps to enable Whatsapp web dark mode :

Step 1: Go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ and log in your account.

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Step 2: Now Tap on the three dots(Menu) present at the top. And then Hit on Settings.

Whatsapp web dark mode

Step 3: After that Click on Theme option.

Whatsapp web dark mode

And Lastly, Choose Dark option.

Whatsapp web dark mode


We know that WhatsApp can also be accessed on a desktop on Whatsapp web, and its very helpful and convenient way to send messages & media directly from PC. And how it would be if dark mode available for Whatsapp web also, it will be much soothing to your eyes and easy readability at night.

Unlike the beta version rolled out for dark theme on Android, there is no such official announcement for Whatsapp web to be released. But still, you can get dark mode by our step by step process. 

This trick works on both Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. Here’s how it is done.

Here’s how to enable dark mode on WhatsApp web

Step 1: First of all, make sure you have the latest version of google chrome and Mozilla Firefox before proceeding.

Step 2: Next, you have to download and install the stylus extension. The stylus extension is used to apply different themes on websites. Click below to install on your browser

Step 3: Click on this link after you have finished installing stylus on your browser.

Step 4: You will see the various dark colour theme there. Click on ‘Install with stylish’.

Whatsapp Web Dark Mode

Step 5: Go to the web WhatsApp page and reload the tab, the dark theme will appear.

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Now you can enjoy reading messages without putting strain on your eyes in the dark. And if you want another theme apart from the dark theme, just find a suitable theme for your eyes on user styles.

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