[Latest working] How to Add Fake Mastercard Card on Google Playstore

How to Add Fake Mastercard Card on Google Playstore

Hello TechCool readers, we are back with another amazing hack today. In this article, you gonna learn about ‘ How to add fake MasterCard on google playstore‘.     


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You may be thinking that it’s a fraud or illegal, let me tell you that it’s not any kind of cheating or fraud. Here we will not do any money transaction through these master cards because these are the only virtual card number.

So even you attempt to do so, you won’t be able to make a transaction or purchase anything online.  

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How to add fake Mastercard on play store

Step 1: Download and Install Namso CCGEN from play store.  

Step 2: Open the app and enter the following details:-

  • Enter your Bin : 536595
  • Tick Data and CVV2
  • Quantity : 10
  • Formate : Checker
  • CCV2 : rnd
  • Month : Rnd
  • Year : Rnd
How to add fake Mastercard on play store

Step 3: Click on ‘Generate Cards’, you will get list of card numbers.

Step 4: Now open any browser and go to https://pay.google.com/

How to Add Fake Mastercard Card on Google Playstore

Step 5: Choose your google account from top. If you will not choose, it will automatically choose your default gmail.  

Step 6: Click on ‘Add payment method’ from the bottom, a new interface for adding card will be opened.  

How to Add Fake Mastercard Card on Google Playstore

Step 7: Go to Namso CCGEN app >  copy & paste any of the Card number, CVV, MM/YY that you have generated. Enter any name in Cardholder’s name.  

How to Add Fake Mastercard Card on Google Playstore

Step 8: Choose the country ‘Brazil’ from the billing adress section. Then a new interface will be opened. Enter Following details carefully:-

  • Tax information : 036.582.528-04
  • DD/MM/YY :- 11/11/1990

Then click on verify.  

How to add fake MasterCard

Step 9: Again a new interface will be opened. Enter following details:-

  • Address line 1 : anything
  • Address line 2 : anything
  • State : Bahia
  • Town/ City : Salvador
  • Postcode : 41500290
How to add fake MasterCard

Fill same details in Card number, CVV, MM/YY, Cardholder name. Then click on Save.   That’s all you are done. Your fake MasterCard is added to your Gmail id. Congrats,  

How to add fake MasterCard

You have successfully added Mastercard in playstore.

Note: You can add only one Mastercard to a Gmail. If it’s unable to add, use another Gmail.  

How & where to you use fake Mastercard

 It can’t be said as illegal because we are not gonna make any money transaction and if even you attempt, you can’t purchase anything.

So now after reading and following all steps, you have successfully added Mastercard in playstore. So now you may be thinking about how to use this fake mastercard.   Using this fake mastercard you would be able to avail subscibtion or apps which are giving the trial for a limited period of time. And the good thing is that after completion of trial period, you don’t have tension to unsubscribe the service.   But the things which you can not do is that you can not purchase any service like apps and games from playstore. Also, you would not be able to do any in-game purchase like purchasing UC in Pubg game.u    

Final words 

  This tricking is working till now but these tricks don’t last for a longer period of time. What I feel is, it will not work after a few months. So those who are reading, Add fake Mastercard on google playstore as soon as possible.   In the next article, you will require a fake Mastercard added to your playstore to do the next trick. So, do it now and share it with your friends also.   Keep sharing and keep giving support, I’ll keep bringing new cool tricks. Till then, be safe from Covid-19.?    

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  1. Hello. I’m super excited now. At first, I felt that this website is useless like others. But when I tried the same BIN etc in NemsoGen, and applied in Google pay. OMG. I can’t believe that a card is added to my account. Directly I bought Netflix and Disney subscription. OMG ?

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